Hoggez Orkester started in Uddevalla (Sweden) in March 2009 as a one man band, in which Hogge himself sings and played all the instruments (except the solo guitar). The first album was For your Pleasure (2010).
Some singles, in Swedish, was also released with this one man band: Jul Igen (2011), Victoria (2012), and in 2013 I relesed Ljug För Mig and Till Dig (Natasha).

However. In the end of 2012 Hogge started the search for a band. And also find some great guys to play with. But the band is still under construction, so Hoggez Orkester will continue as a one man band for some time.

First of all, I will release the 2013-album Made In Svenska, and then? Well, the future will tell.

All I now, for the moment, is that I will start the work with the album The Grand Finale this fall. It will be a rockalbum in English again. and the song "Dangerous" (as You will find in our player) is the first song from that album (just a demo so far!).

Finally! Thank You SOOOO MUCH for all the support. Love ya!