July 27th, 2015
Long time no see..
Well.. As many of you allready know, I have killed this project.. It's over and out for Hoggez Orkester.. BUT, check this out - WonnMass is alive and kicking..

' Some new songs coming up (on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and more) Two great "bang your head" ones.. The first of August "Scream" will be released, and the first of September you could all check out "Demons"

For more information, please visit new site or on Facebook

February 12th, 2015
OK, guys!
Things are happening... It's on, so be prepared.. I will be back with some really nice rock for ya.. Songs are being made, as we speak, and the studio - a real studio, not my home studio - are booked, and legends as Tommy Denander and Marcus fernholm will help.. So will Michael Olsson and Bjorn Fritzén (no legends but really great guys anyway)..
If everything will work out as I wish, we also try out a female vocalist.. That will be like magic.. More information will follow...

I dont know if this site ever will be updated again, but our new site will be.. But that one is under construction, so until then, please join me at Facebook:

See Ya!

I'm wright in Swedish at this moment.. But If You need the information in English, please let me know!

January 1th, 2015
Well... It's time to say goodbye.. I have been working with this project since 2009, and now I need to think about what to do.. I'm not really sure, if there will be more music from me, but if it will, there will be something different...

However.. A great - GREAT - thank you to everyone that have helped me along the way: Tommy Denander, Fredrik "Freddy" Lindberg, Michael Olsson, Björn Fritzén and all the rest.. And THANK YOU ALL that have been listening and support me...
Love ya!

Whatever I will do in the future - I will let You know on this site, or on my Facebook-site... See Ya later!

December 27, 2014

AT LAST... I have promised You this for a long time, but here it is.. "Dangerous" - with English lyrics and all :o) is out.. You will find it on Spotify, iTunes and so on... I hope You will like it..

On lead guitar you will find - THE LEGEND - Tommy Denander, and mix and master are made by Jon Ronneby

Dangerous on Spotify!

September 25, 2014 some PR in the Swedish magazine 7 Dagar (Seven Days)

September 25, 2014
Hi guys.. Just wanted to tell You that my new album - Made In Svensk will be out the first of October. On Spotify, iTunes and a lot of other places. Chek it out!

If you want the CD, just - send me a mail and I will see that You get it. It will cost 60 SEK + freight..

September 16, 2014
I'm sooooo sorry! I haven't updated my site for a very long time.. I have had a lot on my mind, and this site hasn't been my top priority. Sorry again..

As the new record (release date 1th of October) will be with Swedish lyrics I didn't think that I had anything to tell You.
However. It became an album with more poptunes than rock. But I like it anyway :o)
The name is Made in Svenska and I made it because in 2011, when I start to work with it, I thought it would be funny. But I have to tell you: I'm soooo tired of pop that I just wanna kill myself...

But for the rest of You (that doesn't understand Swedish) will get a taste of whats coming up.. My next project will be rock, and in English.
I dont know when it will be out tho, but I think that a couple of singles will be out in the beginning of 2015. Until then I will give You a ruff recording (demo).. Stay tuned!

Feb 6, 2013
Hi guys.. I have a lot to tell you all..
First: The new band starts to work very well, and I can also tell you that the highly skilled & experienced Marcus Fernholm (keyboards) has joined the force..
We will also play some gigs in Sweden and norway this spring (more information will follow).. Stay tuned!

Further: A new single is being released in February: "Ljug för mig." I hope you (at least you who understand Swedish) will like it. You who dont, must wait for the other single one: "Dangerous". That one will have English lyrics.
Videos will also be made, if everything works, to both of these songs.

Finally: I can now also tell You that we will change our name. However, we will be called Hoggez Orkester for the next record Made In Svenska, but then it will become WonnMass.
We will also start building our new site WONNMASS.SE as soon as possible.

Love you all!

14 Nov. 2012
I did a interview for the local news paper Bohuslaningen, and it will be publisht the 17th of November.. In Swedish tho.

5 Nov. 2012
Well.. The single "Victoria" is out on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and everywhere else. Please enjoy!
And oh.. I forgot: The lyrics is in Swedish. If You want something in English, You have to wait for "Dangerous" that will be out in the beginning of 2013.
Buy it on iTunes!

15 Oct. 2012
In November the first single, from the album Made In Svenska will be released. But first of all we will get it out to our fans at Facebook.. For free..
Stay tuned for more information..

10 Oct. 2012
The legend Tommy Denander will play some guitar solos on this album aswell.. HAPPY TIMES :o)
Stay tuned for more information..

10 Oct. 2012
Today we had a meeting with a bassplayer and a drummer.. We will meet again next week and play some tunes together, and hopefully it will work out just fine.. The band is coming together I hope..

5 Oct.. 2012
The work with the cover for the next album Made In Svenska is on.. The biggest THANK YOU to Victoria Olsson Bill for the great painting!!
This album will be released in April 2013..

24 Sept. 2012

Now it starts to take off.. We are currently auditioning for a guitarist, bassist, drummer and keyboardist.. The goal is to April 27, 2013 have a release party for the upcoming album "Made In Swedish" (the one with Swedish lyrics). More information (in Swedish only) here: FOLLOW THIS. For more information in English, please send me a mail.
Around the same time, a single from the third album will be released (in English), "Dangerous" (with legend Tommy Denander on solo guitar)

On May 16, we will have a release party in Norway. Stay tuned for more info..

13 Sept. 2012
Long time no see.. I have been on a roadtrip for 2,5 months, so I haven't spend any time on this site I'm afraid. However. Now I'm back and I will try to update the site some..
I'll try to remember to write in English on our Facebook page. Please visit and PLEASE press "LIKE"..
So. What's new? Well, I'm almost done with the upcoming album - the one with Swedish lyrics.. Hopefully it will be released before Christmas? We'll see if it works? But as soon as I have provided all the material to my producer, the work on on album #3 will start, and it will be awesome!
On that album I will work together, for the first time, with another musician (Michael Olsson), and there will be no more pop music. No way! That album will only contain heavy rock.. :o)

Michael olsson

Until next time - have a wonderful life ..

8 Mar. 2012
I've got some rewiews on the song Dangerous. It's still just a ruff demo, but it's fun anyway :o)
Here are some of them in a shorter version:

  • The song is very powerful and even the band energy is in full blast. This band really rocks.
  • The singer is a big and dangerous songster who gives alot to his performance, and I would bet this is a professional band, and if not I want this on my playlist now.
  • I'm not liking this song. The music sounds like old 70's rock and not that good.
  • The singer has a great rock voice that performs with loads of intensity and attitude.
  • Not very interesting music...
  • Doesn't really click with me
  • I think the band would be amazing performing this song live.

    4 Mar. 2012
    New adress to my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/hoggez

    25 Feb. 2012
    Guess who will add a guitar solo on a song for my next-next record..... Tommy Denander, ladies & gent's.. Tommy Denander!!
    I'm just saying!!

    It doesnt get any bigger than that!!

    One of the most awesome guitarists in the world (Toto, Alice Cooper, Paul Stanley, well - You name it) are going to play some guitar solos on two of my songs.. Jeez.. I'm about to faint now!

    You will find more information about Mr Denander on his Facebook page

    7 Feb. 2012
    I will change the name..Yeaah! The name Hoggez Orkester started as a joke but has got to stay there. But it's all over now..
    We know now that the name makes people think we play something completely different than just rock and therefore they not even listen to the music. They see the name and clicks on a different tune.. We can't have that..
    A new name will be announced as soon as we got to think a little more..

    7 Feb. 2012
    Now, my Facebook page to be English .. I unfortunately do not attract so many Swedes to listen to my music, for some reason? Fortunately I have some fans outside the country, but they prefer of course English. So then Facebook may simply be in English too .. You are very welcome to my Facebook page!

    3 Feb. 2012
    Well.. For all my friends out there who do not speak Swedish and have been waiting for some songs in English, here is one!!
    My next album (Made in Svenska) will reach the stores in April, but I have already started the work on the next one, and as I promised, there will be an album in English...
    Here is a really ruff recording of the first song, which will also be the first single.. It sounds like crap, but you could see (or hear) ??where I'm going..

    9 January 2012
    I listen through my next record and I think it could be a good one.. Unfortunately, this album is in Swedish so all my overseas fans & friends will not understand nothing.. But I really wanted to do an album in Swedish so.. Sorry!!
    The next album will be in English again tho. So hold on friends!

    Happy New Year guys!!
    I hope that 2012 will be a great year for You all.. Also - don't forget - there will be a new album out this year: Made in Svenska!!
    Have a great night and take care!

    19 December 2011
    Och här är videon :o)
    And this is the homemade video :o)

    12 December 2011
    Här kommer en liten Julevisa till Er.. Kanske lite tidigt men ändå :o)

    Lyssnar gör Du här nedan. Skulle Du också vilja köpa låten (endast 10 spänn) så gör Du det här: Hoggez - Jul Igen!

    ------- In English --------

    Well... This is a little Christmas carol (in Swedish I'm afraid)..
    If You wanna buy this song, please check this site: Hoggez - Jul Igen!

    Jul igen by Hoggez

    29 November 2011
    This page will soon be in Swedish (and English). Hopefully soon.

    29 November 2011
    Funny.. I find my record "For Your pleasure" om Tradera (Ebay) today. He did'nt sell it but noone has visit he's ad so.. But is was fun anyway!
    The things that the seller wrote was also funny: "This is Uddevallas (my hometown) punk hero #1. He's been punk since 1976 and still going strong." :o)

    8 November 2011
    This is a demo (first draft) and far from finished.. If I decide to go ahead with it (and leave it to the producer) we'll see.. But right now it feels like I'm going to try to get it ready...
    Music: Hogge // Lyrics: Lisa

    Ljug för mig by Hoggez

    13 October 2011
    This is also a song from the upcoming album Made In Svenska. An album which, unlike the previous (For Your Pleasure), will contain only Swedish Lyrics.

    My producer Frederik "Freddy" Lindberg has always done a good job. Last album was maybe not a masterpiece for any of us, but with Made In Svenska it shows what a musical genius he is.
    This is the song "Till Dig".
    Music: Freddy & Hogge // Lyrics: Lisa & Hogge // Producer, Mixing Engineer and everything except the vocals: Freddy

    Till Dig (min underbara dotter) by Hoggez

    6 October 2011
    OK.. 571 visitors in September is really great and makes me really happy..
    What I could tell You right now is that I will, after this album with Swedish lyrics, make another album in English and also with good old Hoggez Rock :o)
    Stay tuned!

    19 September 2011
    ........The Lisa Video :o)

    20 September 2011
    At last .. Now you can buy CDs directly from this site. Visit The Shop!
    Merchandise still handled by the Reverb Nation in the U.S. ..

    19 September 2011
    Well.. I have a couple of teasers for Ya.. If You like Swedish pop/rock anyway.. My new songs have Swedish lyrics so maybe USA, China, Italy and so on will loose interest, but anyway - I like it.. And for You rockers out there - I just wanna say; It will be a new album with English lyrics in the future, but for now - I have to do this..

    However - This is the song "Lisa".. It's not the finishing product, but it's allmost there...

    "Lisa" (June-Sep 2011)
    Music: Hogge // Lyrics: Hogge..
    Producer, Mixing Engineer and Solo guitarist: Fredrik "Freddy" Lindberg - See the Freddy-site here...

    Lisa by Hoggez

    "Om allt vore annorlunda" (Feb 2011)
    Music: Hogge // Lyrics: Hogge
    Producer, Mixing Engineer and Solo guitarist: Fredrik "Freddy" Lindberg

    Om Allt Vore Annorlunda by Hoggez

    2 September 2011
    For the moment I'm working on a record with Swedish lyrics. This is some samples. BUT this is all raw material (ruff stuff). When I'm finished it will go to my producer for mix and so on..

    However - I'll hope You enjoy!

    "Gjorde Du rätt?" (Aug 2011)
    Music: Hogge // Lyrics: Sara Vernersson

    1 September 2011
    It's really fun to see that there are people from all over, not just Sweden, that visits this site.. Like that!
    A big THANK YOU to all of You!
    This is from August 2011:

    30 March 2011
    Everything goes really slow for the moment. I'm trying to wright some songs in Swedish - just for fun. I have no time to start working with the next album, so I just playing around. Maybe I present them here later on..
    Well, well...

    However. You will now find the whole album in our playlist downbelow. Hope You like it!

    Take care!

    27 November 2010
    Well - long time no see...
    I have had very little time for this for a while now.. Sorry! But for a couple of days ago my producer, Freddy Lindberg, accepted to also produce the next album - YEEAH!
    The work with that one has just started and two songs are allmost done. However, it will take some time as I have a lot to do for the moment. But also, the album will not be released until (maybe) may/June ore something like that, so I have plenty of time :o)

    Take care!

    20 September 2010
    Yeeees! You could now (FINALLY) find us also at Spotify.. Feels great!

    16 September 2010
    Do You want to support Hoggez and have a site, Facebook, blogg or something like that. Please do this to make us really happy:
    Copy this code and add it to Your HTML-page:

    And it will look like this:

    15 September 2010
    This is in Swedish because the radio show is in Swedish and will not be translated. However - we where back at Rocksoffan again - not in person, but the hosts aswell as Tommy Denander talked about the record again.. Very happy about that :o)

    I tisdags var Hoggez återigen med på radioprogrammet Rocksoffan.. Utlottningen av skivor fortsatte och denna gång gick tre stycken iväg.. Dessutom så kom Tommy Denander tillbaka för att genomföra ett nytt "Rocker eller Focker" och nämnde då återigen vår lilla skiva :o)
    Samma sak gällde programledarna.. Robban (The side kick) påstod att "For Your Pleasure" hade gått varm hemma hos honom under veckan..
    Det tyckte jag väldigt mycket om :o)

    Lyssna här: KLIPP #1 - Robban & Nippe och på Klipp #2 Tommy Denander igen

    11 September 2010
    A ruff translation from when Tommy Denander (the legend) judges some new songs on the radio show ROCKSOFFAN (Radio Prime).
    This is what he sad about my song YouTube :o)

    7 September 2010
    Today has been a great day.. First this with Ginza (se down below) and now this: The radio show "Rocksoffan" gave away five albums as prices for one of their games. But that i knew of. But what I did not know was that they had called in Tommy Denander (see this!) to the program to evaluate new songs, and the first out was YouTube..
    Listen to this.. Well, it's in Swedish for the moment but I will try to translate it as soon as I find some time. Sorry ..


    I am just saying my gosh! It could'nt be more fantastic!

    Many thanks to Nippe & Robban at Rocksoffan and not to at least Tommy Denander!

    7 September 2010
    Yee.. From this day You can buy the album also at Ginza - one of the biggest record dealers in Sweden..
    Click on the Ginza logo!

    5 September 2010
    On Tuesday (September 7th) will the radio program Rocksoffan on Radio Prime to give away five albums.. I also hope that they will play a tune or two :o)
    Anyway. The program broadcast between 6 and 8 PM and their web radio can be found here: ROCKSOFFAN or check out the website: www.rocksoffan.se

    3 September 2010
    Yeeee... I have the record in my hand and it feels (and look & sounds) great. On monday I will send it to Ginza, who is one of the biggest record stores in Sweden. I will also start sending it out to radio stations and so on...

    Everything feels great, except Spotify.. You could find my music on many sites, but not the most important one (Spotify). When I ask my management why the replay like this:
    Spotify has had technical problems with its publishing platform since June this year. Your materials are uploaded there and is ready to be launched. Unfortunately we can not influence more. All distributors we know have trouble getting up material on Spotify. Since Spotify not answer questions, it is difficult to get a time estimate on when they can be started again.

    Thats not to funny, but I hope the problem will be solved in a near future...

    1 September 2010
    ITunes and Amazone has the album anyway.. They are the first.. Hopefully will Spotify and the rest of them follow in just a couple of days, and that goes for the album to..

    31 August 2010
    Well.. What could I say? First I thought that the record should be released in July, but that did'nt happend. And that was very much my own fault. But then I was pretty sure it would be out the first of September.. But it did not work either..
    Unfortunately, the printing has taken much more time than expected, but I do think it will be here shortley?!?

    19 July 2010
    I'll try to put together a band this fall. I will start to work with that project in October (I hope). Are you a talented musician (age irrelevant but I am 40 +) in Uddevalla, or around that area, please get in touch
    The plan is to hit the roads springtime 2011 (if not earlier?).

    8 July 2010
    Now there are some new products in our webshop. However, I now try to find another supplier here in Sweden. This is because it becomes quite expensive to import from the U.S. as well as the delivery time is very long.

    7 July 2010
    Everything going kind of slow right now.. I'm waiting for the last songs to be mixed, but I hope that we could have them finished in a couple of days.. But right now it looks like the album release will be in August.. Hang in there!

    9 June 2010
    We will soon change our web address.. In a couple of days You will find us at www.hoggez.se
    Very much welcome to our new home...

    8 June 2010
    Hoggez Orkester in "Rocksoffan" (The Rock Couch) on Radio Prime, Sweden. The interview is in Swedish. You will find more pic's in our picture gallery! If You want to listen - CLICK THIS!

    6 June 2010
    From the webbsite of Rocksoffan

    We have much to offer before we take our summer break. We will talk to Mr. Conny Bloom from Hanoi Rocks and not least the Electric Boys. We will also talk to Hoggez Orchestra. Bjorn Berge, Norway's best guitarist, and more.

    This will be fun!

    3 June 2010
    Hoggez will be one of the guests in the radioshow "Rocksoffan" (The Rock Couch) on Radio Prime next week (Tuesday the 8 of June), sometime between 6-8 PM).

    1 June 2010
    At last the studio work is done.. The songs are now on their way to our producer for the final touch.

    26 may 2010
    The Soundclick.com Chart:
  • "Uncle Sam": Highest in charts: #259 (of 206,030 songs listed)
  • "YouTube": Highest in charts: #365 (of 206,030 songs listed)
  • "Happy Song": Highest in charts: #515 (of 206,030 songs listed)

    Thats really fun :o)

    21 may 2010
    This site is updated.. Much more to do, but we will get there...

    10 may 2010
    Our ad on Facebook become active..

    6 may 2010
    Another promotional video (short) for the album..

    2 may 2010
    New promotional video for our new album.. Put this on your website and let us know .. It will then be appointed to three winners who will each receive a T-shirt + the new album.
    You will find it on YouTube and of course here :o)

    1 Apr 2010
    New song out from Hoggez Orkester: "My Best Friends Girl". Please listen and comment. It's a ruff recording but it will end up on the upcoming album, so tell us what You like..

    10 Mar 2010
    Another friend from cyberspace, Björn ”Bjurte” Svensson, has produced and mixed the song "My Best Friends Girl", and really made it great..

    6 Mar 2010
    I got the remix of the song "Uncle Sam" today and it sounds absolutely wonderful. Freddy Lindberg has done the job and he will also make the remaining songs and also produce the album.. I coudnt be happier...

    20 feb 2010
    Our merchandise store is now open! And I just got some of the new stuff in my hand.. Very funny! I think our new stuff - the t-shirts and so on - are great. Nice quality really..

    9 Feb 2010
    I'm very happy to tell You that Freddy Lindberg (Lindberg Music) will work with me.. He have allready done the guitar solos on "Uncle Sam" and "Happy Song" and also mixed "Happy Song", and he really did a great job!!
    So it's a great pleasure to know that he also will do a remix of "YouTube" and "Uncle Sam" and some more songs..